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Kids Worship Videos

Preschool Worship Videos

January 12, 2016
Preschool Worship Videos

Preschoolers love to sing!  When looking for some new Preschool Worship Videos, I found some from NewSpring Church.  They have done a great job of making videos for preschoolers.  You can view them for free on YouTube.  Here are some of the songs we are doing with the preschoolers at our church.

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Kids Worship Videos

Kids Worship Videos

January 8, 2016

Finding new songs for kids worship can be challenging.  We don’t have a team dedicated to leading worship in our kids ministry so we like using Kids Worship Videos.  I was looking for some new Kids Worship Videos and came across some new videos by Summit Creative Company.  They are available on There are several things I like about these videos:

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Leadership Videos

One of the best gifts a leader can give to their team

September 17, 2014

There are some things that only the leader of a team can do.  Bill Hybels talks about the gift of ENERGY that a leader can give to their team & the difference it will make.  In this video he talks about going from feeling anxious & overwhelmed to feeling focused and energized on the leadership goals that were in front of him.

Leadership Videos

How Bill Hybels stays replenished

September 16, 2014

People lead the best when they are renewed, refreshed & re-envisioned. Bill Hybels, the Lead pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, talks about the challenges of staying replenished and the priorities that he puts in place to keep recharging.

Leadership Videos

Bill Hybels – Coffee with God

September 15, 2014

Bill Hybels is a well known pastor & speaker. His talks are challenging and motivating.
I came across this video of him speaking about Coffee with God. Great reminder of where our priorities should be & the difference it will make.

Kids Worship Videos

New Kids Music

September 10, 2014


Are you looking for new kids songs?  Here is a list of names / groups that you can search in YouTube.  These videos would be applicable for different situations.  Some are great to use for teaching Bible verses, some are good for pre-service tunes & some are great to use during Kids Worship Time.  Each of the names listed below has several videos on YouTube so there’s lots to preview.

Go to YouTube, and search the following:

Nate Bristol – His songs have motions to go with them performed by NRUMC Kids.  Be sure to search both names on YouTube.

Seeds Family Worship also found at

Jump Start 3 also found at

Ambersky Records also found at

Shout Praises Kids also found at

Go Fish Guys also found at

Hillsong Kids also found at

What other music videos do you use in your Kids Ministry?  Add your ideas to the comments section below.


Bible Story Videos

May 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.27.21 AMCrossroads Kids Club has produced some amazing videos for Kids Ministry.  They have made them available for anyone to download.  And best of all, they are FREE.  You definitely have to check them out.  You can view the story of Joseph on vimeo. This is the link to their website with access to all the videos they have made.