Carolyn Burge

I am a Kids Pastor.   I have been doing kids ministry for over 20 years.  I have learned things that many people have taught me about kids ministry, and I hope that by sharing this info with you, it will help you with the kids in your kid’s ministry.

I am the Kids Pastor at Creekside Church in Waterloo, Ontario.  450 kids show up for church every Sunday, and I oversee a team of 300 volunteers.  Best volunteers on the planet.

And I love Disney.  I mean I REALLY love Disney.  Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL to be specific.  They know how to do kids.  And they know how to do family.  And they know how to do vacation.  Ya. I love Disney.

But most of all, I want as many kids as possible to come to know Jesus.  That takes leadership.  People who are willing to do what it takes to lead volunteers, and lead kids.  Lead them to Jesus and help them become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

So, I decided to start a blog.  Ideas & experiences that can help other people.  So they can lead kids to Jesus too.