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My top 10 favourite kids ministry books

August 19, 2014
top kidmin books

Here are some of my favourite Kids Ministry books.  I have read each of them and they have had a big influence in how I do Kids Ministry:

So I originally had a list of 10 favourite kids ministry books, but I added a few extra because they are just that good.  I do not receive any compensation for adding these books to my list of favourites, so you know they are really good books to have in your library.

Sue Miller & David Staal’s book – Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week

Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth’s book – Leading Not Normal Volunteers

Jim Wideman’s book – Children’s Ministry Leadership – the you-can-do-it guide

Dale Hudson & friends’ book – 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge your Preschool Ministry

Dale Hudson & Scott Werner’s book – 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge your Children’s Ministry

Dale Hudson’s book – The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams

Dale Hudson, Bruce Barry & Justyn Smith’s book – If Disney Ran Your Children’s Ministry

Aaron Reynolds book – The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School

Jim Wideman’s book – Volunteers that Stick

Jonathan & Thomas W. McKee’s book – The New Breed – Understanding & Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer

Barbara Blton & friends’ book – Care and Feeding of Volunteers

Tony Morgan & Tim Steven’s book – Simply Strategic Volunteers

Craig Jutila’s book – Leadership Essentials for Children’s Ministry

Click Here for my top 10 favourite LEADERSHIP books.

Click here for my list of NEED TO READ books.






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