Learning the Books of the Bible can be a challenging task for kids, but there are some creative ways that kids can have fun while learning what order they go in.  This stacking cups idea comes from Patricia Ann Striegel and her blog kidminoffice.com

To play this Books of the Bible Game, each team has a stack of 66 cups.  The first team to build 3 stacks of 22 cups – of the Books of the Bible in order, wins!

books of the bible gameKids can use their Bibles to look up the order of the books.  To make the atmosphere more exciting, play energetic game music in the background while kids are working on stacking the cups in order.

This next idea comes from Pinterest.  Laminate sheets of paper with the books of the Bible printed on them to make a hopscotch game.  Kids can move as they learn the books of the Bible.  The pages can be taped to the carpet for stability.  What a great idea to put this in the hallway as kids make their way to their classroom!  They could practice each week!

books of the bible hopscotch

Another idea, also from Pinterest, involves clothespins.  Simply write each book of the Bible on a separate clothes pin and kids can work together to hang them in order on a clothes hanger.

books of the Bible clothespins

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