When you have a large room and you want to divide kids into smaller groups, sometimes it is helpful to use room dividers to help minimize the noise and visual distractions.  Here are a few ideas that we have seen in kids ministry spaces that can help make a large space smaller.

Willow Creek Church in Chicago, IL has built in Room Dividers in their Kids Ministry space.  They created walls that could open and close easily and can be stored in the wall and don’t take up any extra space.

Crossroads Kids Club has built some room dividers to separate their kids space.  They used wood, and the design prevents them from being tipped over easily. The wheels allow them to be moved around as needed.

Room Dividers

Elevation Church in Toronto, Ontario uses pipe and drape as room dividers.  Their entire kids ministry is in a space with room dividers to separate each age group.

room divider

room divider

Christ Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, FL built small group spaces when they designed their kids room.  The small nooks are built around a table large enough for a small group.

room dividers

In Preschool areas, the walls don’t need to be so high.  Giant blocks can be used to create walls between small groups like the ones used here in the preschool area at Willow Creek Church.

room divider blocks

Creekside Church in Waterloo, Ontario uses curtains as room dividers.  They had a curtain track mounted to the ceiling and then made curtains that had plastic or mesh part-way down to act as a window for security reasons.  The curtains are shortened to allow people to see underneath, also for security reasons.

room divider curtains

room divider curtains

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