When I was visiting The Grove Community Church in Riverside, California, I saw a kids church reward system that they used to help motivate kids to listen & participate. They also used this system to encourage families to work on the family activity page together, and to return it the following week.

They used ping pong balls to give to the kids when they brought their Bible, or a friend, etc.  At the end of the service, the kids could put the ping pong balls that they earned into their display box.  The group who filled their box first was rewarded with a pizza party. The display boxes were located in the hallway, so that kids and parents could both see the progress that they were making.

The boxes were made with wood, and a plexiglass face.  There was an opening at the top for kids to put their ping pong balls in at the end of the service. They were narrow so they did not take up a lot of room in the hallway.

I liked that the kids church reward system was visual for the kids, and they worked together to achieve a goal.  Churches with a limited budget often find it challenging to find prizes that kids will want to have, but do not cost a lot.  This idea allows kids to get an immediate reward (ping pong ball) and still be motivated from week to week to try to earn the pizza party for their team.  Often smaller prizes are not good quality and end up being thrown away soon after the kids lose interest in playing with them.  This system allows for teams to work together to achieve a common goal.  It is ongoing, and takes several weeks to get to the goal, but if everyone does their part, they can get to the goal faster.

Ping Pong Reward System


  • Susa says:

    Where. Or how do you get those boxes to put ping ponga in. I love the idea.

  • hamilton sledge says:

    Hi my family attends clc in missoula montana. Is there Any chance of getting some more detailed pics sent over? Ive been asked by our youth pastors to build a mobile version of your tally cases and just wanted a better refence point to build from. Thanks in advance it is much appreiated.

    • Carolyn Burge says:

      I only took a picture when I went to visit that church. You could try to contact them directly to see if they can help you.

  • Cathy Smith says:

    I’m just reading this post and I LOVE this idea!!! Our children’s ministry dept. has a limited budget but the ping pong balls can be used over & over. AND it could be scaled down for smaller churches by using the extra large shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby or those magazine holder things….plus, it would be portable as requested in the comment below.

    Thanks for this idea – it has sparked my imagination, lol!

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