On a recent trip to California, I went to visit Sandals Church.  This amazing group of people showed us around their building & shared their stories of what they are doing to see people come to know Jesus.  Here are a few things that I learned from our Sandals Church Tour.

Sandals Church California  Sandals Church California

Their average weekend attendance is 5799 people and in 2014 they had 3890 first time attenders.  They run 7 services at 2 locations each weekend.

Their kids and youth area were themed in a way that was appropriate for each age group, yet it all tied into the look of the whole building.


Sandals Church California Sandals Church California Sandals Church California Sandals Church California Sandals Church California


Sandals Church California Sandals Church California

This small groups board helped everyone to know what group they were in and who their leader was.  So organized!

Sandals Church California

I love how this volunteer communication board in the youth area was creative & up to date!

Sandals Church California

They have some creative people on their kids staff who write their own songs & make videos for their kids worship.  It was fantastic!  (Shout out to Andrew & thank you for giving me a jump drive of your videos at CPC.  You rock!)  Their set design was simple but matched the decor of the rest of the church. Lines on the floor set clear boundries for kids.

Sandals Church California

They had bulletin board for their volunteers where they communicated “stuff” with their volunteers.  This board was on wheels so that it could be relocated as needed.  There were a lot of photos on the board, so it was visually inviting.  The pinned up samples of items (t-shirt, post card etc.) so that people knew exactly what they would be using to communicate with kids and families.  The board was double sided, so stuff could be on both sides, and it could be displayed in a high traffic area for volunteers.

Volunteer Communication Board

We enjoyed our Sandals Church Tour and learned a lot!


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