When people sign up to volunteer in our Kids Rooms, we want to equip them with all the info they need to get started, and do their job well.  It can be a little overwhelming for a new volunteer to try to remember everything, so we created some booklets for each room that give them the basics to get started.

This one page (double sided) document gives them some basic info that they can take home with them, and they can refer to.  When volunteers are new, it can be overwhelming to remember all the details they are told on their first day of training.  A short booklet that give some basic details specifically about the room they will be volunteering in can be helpful.  Below are some samples of booklets that we use in our Kids Ministry.  They includes information that they will need to know to get started.  It outlines details for before the service, during the service and after the service.  It tells them what to do when they are going to be away.  It includes a FAQ section that covers some of the most common questions that they may have.

We also have another volunteer training booklet that we give to all volunteers that covers our vision & our goals as well as our safety training, but these room booklets are specific to each room and outline things that volunteers will need to know while serving in that room.  You can download a copy of each of these booklets:

Nursery Booklet
Preschool Booklet
JK/SK Small Group Leader Booklet
Grades 1-6 Small Group Leader Booklet

To view the Volunteer Training Handbook that we give to all volunteers, click here.

To download the editable version (Adobe InDesign File) of the volunteer handbook, click here.


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