When people sign up to volunteer in Kids Ministry, we have a lot of stuff and info that we give them to get started.  To help simplify the process, we put together a New Volunteer Gift Bag for them.  Here’s what’s in the bag:

  1.  A Booklet that is specific to their ministry area.  It gives them basic ‘need to know’ info so that they can get started.  There is a lot of information to try to remember on your first day and that can be a little overwhelming.  If volunteers have a short, easy to read booklet that has some basic need-to-know info in it, that can help them feel a little more at ease.  This might include some contact info for next steps, or who to contact when they are going to be away.  It also includes some details for before, during and after the service.
  2. Our Kids Ministry Orientation Training Booklet.  This is general info about our Kids Ministry that is relevant to all kids rooms.  If you go to this page, you can get more information about this booklet.  It includes things like our vision statement, our policies, evacuation procedures etc.
  3. A Creekside Kids t-shirt.  We want all of our Kids Volunteers to wear a Creekside Kids t-shirt when they are serving.  They can choose a size that works best for them. T-shirts are free for all volunteers.  Our volunteer shirts have our logo on the front and on the back.  It’s neat to see all the volunteers sitting in church.  You can easily identify them with the bright logo on their backs.
  4. A Name Tag.  They wear this name tag when they are serving, and leave it in the kids room when they are done for the day.
  5. Extras.  We include a few little gifts in the volunteer gift bag so that new volunteers know that we are excited to have them join our team.  A travel mug or plastic cup, a Creekside pen & some candies usually do the trick.


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