Willow Creek Church has recently given their kids ministry a facelift.  Their Early Childhood space has a new indoor playground, and a few other cool features geared towards younger kids. The 4th and 5th Graders Room is now located in the space that used to be the resource area.  They have transformed the area into an amazing space called The Arcade.  Here are some photos of their fantastic space.

The Arcade is a room full of color, lights and sound.  There are spaces for kids to hang out and socialize as well as interactive electronic games that several kids can play together.

The Neos 360 game gets kids moving as they compete with each other.  It is fast paced and great for groups of kids to play.

More info can be found online about this game system.  Search YouTube for videos of kids playing this game.


They have several other electronic games for kids to play.  Each of the games required kids to play in a group or on a team.  None of them appeared to be individual games. I’m sure this is intentional to encourage kids to build relationships with other kids while having fun.

PacMan Game

4 Active

Slap That

The Trailblazer Traverse game looked amazing and the large space looked like several kids could play together at the same time.

The chairs are colorful and a unique design that allows them to be moved and stored easily.

colorful chairs

The room dividers blend in with the space and are easy to move into location when needed for small groups.

Overall, the room is a great design with enough space for a lot of kids to interact together and have fun!

To see photos of the Early Childhood space at Willow Creek Church, click here.

To see photos of the Kids Construction Zone at Willow Creek Church, click here.

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