Promiseland at Willow Creek Church opened the doors to their renovated kids area which includes a Kids Construction Zone.  Kids can jump in (to the foam pieces) and have tons of fun. They can fully participate in the experience dressed as a construction zone worker. Check out the photos of this creative space!

Imagine a place where kids can put on construction gear, and jump into a place of adventure and imagination without getting all dirty.  Promiseland is a place where they can do that.  The ‘dirt’ is made from small pieces of foam. Shovels and pails give kids some tools to work with. The interactive items allow several kids to participate together, as well as promote an environment for teamwork.

Complete with places to climb and crawl, this space gives kids a pretty authentic environment to play in. Kids can put on a construction vest and hat and feel like they are really in a construction zone. The space is big enough for many friends to play together.

Kids are encouraged to Build, Dig and Create in this fun space.  It is open on weekends and during the week for kids to enjoy.

I am sure that kids love coming to Promiseland where they can have fun.  While they are there, they can build relationships with people that care about them. While they are there, they hear Bible stories that help them know how much God loves them.

Next week I will post photos of the Arcade, the extremely cool space for 4th and 5th Graders. Be sure to click the subscribe button at the top of the page to receive an email when a new blog post is available.

To see photos of the preschool area with the indoor playground, climbing wall and slides, click here.

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