Promiseland at Willow Creek Church has opened their doors to their recently renovated Kids Spaces. The new kids area at Willow Creek Church in Chicago, IL is full of creativity! Promiseland is a place where kids can have fun! Take a look at these photos of their preschool and elementary areas.

On the lower level, an area which was once used as multipurpose space has a little more color on the carpet and on the walls. Several common areas now provide a space where kids can have some fun, burn off some energy and play with friends. Parents can chat with each other and build relationships while keeping an eye on their children while they are still within close range.


Indoor Playground

The Preschool area at Willow Creek Church has an indoor playground where kids can climb and explore. It is just the right size for kids in 1st grade and younger.



They have slides, green grass, and fun mirrors in a space where little ones can play.  Parents can stay close by to supervise their children while they connect with other parents and build relationships.


Climbing Wall

They have a climbing wall that is small enough for preschoolers to climb on without going too high.  There is enough space for many kids to play in this area at the same time.

Activity Wall

The activity wall allows children to explore and provides an alternative to climbing or sliding.

Strategically placed hand sanitizer helps to keep the germ level down.

Click here to see photos of the construction zone where kids can play and dig just like the grown ups!

Next week will have lots of pictures of the Arcade, the place that’s full of fun for elementary kids. Be sure to click on the subscribe button at the top of this page to receive an email when a new post is published.

For photos of what used to be on the walls in the lower level before the renovation, click here.

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