If you have the opportunity to go on a church tour, and visit the kids area at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, you will find visual images that show examples of families serving together, or reading the Bible together etc.  Many of the display boards include a Bible verse that families can read as they pass by.  Here are a few photos of some of the images:

When I was on a church tour of Willow, I noticed it was important for the families at Willow to see images of kids, parents and grandparents doing the things that they would hope that families would be doing outside of the time they spend in church.

Willow Creek Church church tourThese images help to communicate that it is important for parents to be the primary spiritual nurturer, and not just rely on the one hour of church that their child participates in each week.

Willow Creek Church church tour

They include Bible verses that kids and parents can read together.

Willow Creek Church church tour
They provide a short description of what the image is about, and ways that families can focus on this together.

The images are professionally displayed and help remind families as they walk the halls that their role is not complete just by bringing their child to church.  Families need to make it a priority to spend time with their kids and focus on things that help them grow spiritually.

Update: Willow renovated their kids area in 2019.  To see photos of their new kids space, click here.

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