I teach 2 Children’s Ministry courses at Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, Ontario.  One of the classes was on the topic of leadership.  I used this team building activity to demonstrate how important communication skills are when leading a team.  The students were able to pull all kinds of valuable lessons from this exercise.  Here’s how it works:

This team building activity really helps people learn about communication, leadership, perspective and many other valuable team qualities.

Team: works best with 4-6 people in a group

Supplies:  Duct Tape, a marker, a piece of paper & blindfolds

Prep:  cut long strips of duct tape (one for each person on the team) and attach one end to the marker.  This video at the end of this post illustrates how to do this.

Directions:  Designate one person on the team to be the leader.  Everyone else on the team puts on a blindfold.
Give the leader a simple picture that you want their team to draw. (e.g. happy face) Don’t tell or show the picture to anyone but the leader.
Each person on the team holds one of the duct tape strips, and together, they try to get the marker to move to draw the object.The leader must give instructions to their team to get them to draw the picture while blindfolded.

After you lead your team through this activity, ask them what they learned from this.

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