When I was at Christ Fellowship in West Palm Beach, Florida, I saw a missions room that they use to help raise awareness for missions. It runs on a reward system.  When kids come to church, bring their Bible or learn their Bible verse, they get “dollars”.  Here is how the system works:

In the missions room, kids can use the missions dollars to purchase things at the store.  The neat thing is, the items for sale in the store are things like “clean water” or “rice” or “blankets” or other items that are needed by people both locally and across the world in their missions projects.  Then the church uses real money from their missions budget to purchase those items to give to those who need them.

This room provides a visual representation of real items that people around the world are in need of.  They can see and touch these items, and this interactive experience really helps kids learn about life in other countries.  Kids are motivated to help others by learning their Bible Verses and coming to church.  How cool is that!  For more information vist Dale Hudson’s blog at www.relevantchildrensministry.com .

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