When I started my very first job as a pastor, my senior pastor said, “Have you ever heard of John Maxwell?  You need to listen to his Injoy Life Club lessons.”  I think that was some of the best advice that I received in my early days of ministry.  My husband and I would listen to session after session when we would drive in our car.  One of the sessions he teaches is about keys to excellence.

Today I still listen to CDs, mp3’s and audio books by John Maxwell.  I have many of his DVD training kits on leadership and teamwork that I use when I teach my students in my Children’s Ministry Courses at Emmanuel Bible College.  His material is jam packed with great wisdom about leadership. One of the audio cassettes (which I have converted to MP3) is called, “Eleven Keys to Excellence”.  There is a version of this talk on YouTube.  The last part is missing, but you get most of the content.

Here are the Eleven Keys to Excellence that John teaches in this session:

1.  Value excellence

2.  Don’t settle for average

3.  Pay attention to detail

4.  Develop a deep commitment to excellence

5.  Possess ethics and integrity

6.  Show genuine respect for others

7.  Go the second mile

8.  Be consistent

9.  Never stop improving

10.  Always give 110%

11. Make excellence a lifestyle

If you come across any of John’s material, take the time to read it or listen to it.  It’s time well invested in growing your leadership. His talks are easy to listen to, his books are easy to read, and you will gain so much wisdom that will help you improve as a leader.  For more information you can visit his website.

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