Every summer we run an EPIC week for kids at our church.  It’s basically kids ministry on steroids.  The energy is high, the kids and volunteers are excited to be there and God does amazing things during the week. The theme for our event was science.  Here is a closer look at our science VBS decor.

Months of organization & preparation come to a conclusion at the end of this week, and each year we do it, it gets better and better.  We focus on helping kids grow closer to Jesus.  Some kids have never experienced church before, and others are used to coming regularly.  We post stories of what God is doing throughout the week on our “God Sightings” wall & it’s quite an experience at the end of the week to read story after story of lives that were impacted during the week.

To make our EPIC week truly epic, we work all year long on the science vbs decor.  A team works together to plan and create pieces that will help set the atmosphere for the kids. Here are some of the science vbs decor items we made:

Periodic Table of Candy

science vbs decor

science vbs decor

Stage Design

Large pieces of cardboard were painted in shapes of science related items.  Hula hoops, a sonnet tube (pencil) and balloons were also used to add to the design.science vbs decor

Science Tubes

We purchased large glass containers from IKEA and filled them with water.  We added foodcoloring to make them a little more colorful.science vbs decor

More Photos

science vbs decor science vbs decor

science vbs decor

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