There are some things that only the leader of a team can do.  Bill Hybels talks about the gift of ENERGY that a leader can give to their team & the difference it will make.  In this video he talks about going from feeling anxious & overwhelmed to feeling focused and energized on the leadership goals that were in front of him.

Here are some of the things Bill says in this video:

Many leaders incorrectly assume that the most important aspect of their leadership is their TIME.  A leader’s most valuable aspect is their ENERGY and their ability to ENERGIZE other people.

Your energy is more valuable than your time.  Your ability to energize other people should be a priority.

As Bill took time to think about his upcoming schedule, he made a list of 6 things to focus on.

When I looked at my list of just 6 things, I felt focused instead of overwhelmed, fired up instead of anxious, and I could barely wait to get back into the office.

When a list of things to do overwhelms you, try taking a step back and making a list of priorities.  Try to narrow down the list to 6 things that only you can do as the leader.  Choosing tasks that will enfuse energy into the people on your teams is key.  Your gift of energy is one of the best gifts you can give your team.

Action Steps:

Make a list of the top things that only you can do as a leader to contribute to the church you are a part of.

What are the steps you will take to accomplishing these tasks?  Do you need to reprioritize your calendar?  Your meetings?

Do any of these things involve engergizing the teams that you lead?

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