Are you looking for new kids worship music?  Here is a list of names / groups that you can search in YouTube.  These videos would be applicable for different situations.  Some are great to use for teaching Bible verses, some are good for pre-service tunes & some are great to use during Kids Worship Time.  Each of the names listed below has several videos on YouTube so there’s lots to preview.

For new kids worship music, go to YouTube, and search the following:

Nate Bristol – His songs have motions to go with them performed by NRUMC Kids.  Be sure to search both names on YouTube.

Seeds Family Worship also found at

Jump Start 3 also found at

Ambersky Records also found at

Shout Praises Kids also found at

Go Fish Guys also found at

Hillsong Kids also found at

Summit Creative Company also found at

KidSpring also found at this YouTube channel

Cool Worship Kids also found at

When looking for new kids worship music, we try to look for three things:

  1.  Lyrics – Do they focus on God & help teach about him and/or worship him?
  2.  Relevant – We look for songs that are current and have a style that is similar to today’s music for kids. Kids TV shows often include music.  Just watch any kids TV to get an idea of what music they currently listen to.
  3. Words & actions – We looks for new kids worship music that has words & actions on the screen.  This helps kids be able to participate and the actions/motions are consistent from week to week, and from leader to leader.

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