John Maxwell wrote a book called ‘The Maxwell Daily Reader’.  If you are looking for short, easy to read leadership ideas, this book is loaded with them.  365 to be exact.

At the moment, I am a few short weeks away from the beginning of the summer schedule for kids ministry.  It’s the time of year when people leave on vacations, and have some down time to do things with family and friends.  I am all for families spending time together and volunteers having some time off, but sometimes it’s a little challenging getting people to help in Kids Ministry during the summer.

Instead of being frustrated with the challenge of fewer volunteers, I have decided to take the road of being solution oriented.  John Maxwell talks about this in his book.  Here are some of the things he suggests if you want to be Solution Oriented:

Refuse to give up.  Determine that you will not give up until you find a solution.

Refocus your thinking.  Set aside dedicated time with key teammates to work on the problem.

Rethink your strategy.  Get out of the box of your typical thinking.  Brainstorm crazy ideas.  Redefine the problem.

Repeat the process.  If at first you don’t succeed in solving the problem, keep at it.  Remember your goal is to cultivate a solution-oriented attitude that you bring into play all the time.

As you face challenges, look at them as opportunities for solutions.  You never know what new and creative ideas you will come up with! To purchase a copy of the John Maxwell Daily Reader, you can order it on Amazon.



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