The last time I was at Chicago’s Children’s Museum I took a picture of this wall.  I thought it would be a great way to display the vision and values for kids ministry at a church.  It’s colorful & kid related. It was a great way to keep the vision visual.

Do you have a vision for your kids ministry?  Do people know what it is?  Do you have it displayed anywhere for all to see? Sometimes it can be difficult to display your vision in a way that looks great and gets the message accross.  Here are a few other examples of vision walls.

Northpoint Church – Atlanta, Georgia

vision wall

This wall is in the room where volunteers can meet on a Sunday morning.  They have snacks available for volunteers and places for them to sit and take a break or connect with other volunteers.  What a great place to display the vision for their kids ministry!

Christ Fellowship Church – Port St Lucie, Florida

vision wall

This vision wall is located in the lobby of the church where people will pass by and see it every week. By simply putting the vision statement in an area where people will be on a regular basis, it helps keep the vision visual.

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