Crossroads Kids Club has produced some amazing videos for Kids Ministry.  They have made them available for anyone to download.  They have put together many, many Bible story videos and best of all, they are FREE.  You definitely have to check them out.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a creative way to tell Bible stories to kids.  Bible story videos can be costly, but Crossroads Kids Club has made some excellent videos that can help tell Bible stories to kids.  You can view an example of their videos from this video of the story of Joseph on vimeo. This is the link to their website with access to all the videos they have made.  You can also follow their Vimeo channel here. A huge thank you to Crossroads Kids Club for providing your content free so that other churches and families can help hear Bible stories because of your willingness to share your Bible story videos for free.

Bible story videos can be a great way to add repetition to your lesson.  In our program, we tell the Bible story live, and then we also use a Bible story video to repeat the story later in the lesson.  Repetition is a great way to help kids remember the Bible story.

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