If you want to add some fun to your event, and want to remember people’s names, plan to have a PHOTO BOOTH at your event!  Collect names & contact info from people so that you can email them their picture.  It will also help you to remember people’s names the next time you see them.

People love to participate at events, and they love to take pictures of themselves!  If you include a photo booth at your event, then it will be a way for people to interact and add a personal touch to your event.

Ask people to add their name to a list with their email address.  You can email them a link so they can download their photos, but it will also help you remember people’s names.  By matching names to faces, and taking time to read over and memorize these faces, you will do a better job when it comes to remembering people’s names.

Starbucks does a great job of personalizing your experience when you order a beverage at their stores.  They ask you for your name and write it on your cup.  If you are a regular customer, it won’t be long before the staff remember your name, and what you like to order.  That helps people feel like they are important and that they matter.

A photo booth can provide a similar experience.  You can find out people’s names, and then use the photos to help remember their names.  The next time you see them, you can call them by name, and that attention to detail will definitely be noticed!

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