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Church Tours – Christ Fellowship Kids

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Christ Fellowship Church is in West Palm Beach Florida.  I have been there many times.  In fact, I call it my “other church”.  I go every time I visit Florida.  Their kids space is like no other that I have seen!  The hallways & every room have themed environments.  It almost feels like you are entering Disney World!  If you are ever in the area, be sure to check out Christ Fellowship Kids!

Christ Fellowship is home to about 40 000 people on a weekend.  You can imagine the number of kids that go with that size of a church.  Christ Fellowship Kids

I can imagine that churches in Florida have the added pressure to GO BIG OR GO HOME because they are so close to theme park land.  Kids are used to being in environments that look amazing and are designed for kids and families.

Christ Fellowship Kids

Their volunteers were friendly and welcoming.  When our family checked in for the first time, they had a clear, systematic way to collect our information and get out kids on their way to their rooms as fast as possible.  They were friendly and effecient and had great customer service.

Christ Fellowship Kids

Just because it is a big church does not mean that they do not care about individuals.  Small Group spaces were in each room so that kids could connect in smaller groups with their small group leaders.  Usually 8-10 kids were in each group.

Christ Fellowship Kids

Kids had the opportunity to earn “dollars”.  They could earn them for attendance, bringing their Bible etc.  The neat part was they could go spend their dollars at the store.  This store was not your typical store.  They could purchase items that could go towards the kids and families that were in other countries and were supported by the church.  They could choose what country they wanted to help, and what items such as clean water, a bed, food, etc.  The church would then match the ‘dollars’ that the kids spent with real dollars towards their mission projects in those countries.  This was a great way to motivate kids to help others and to do it in a way that worked together with the church.

There is so much to learn from Christ Fellowship Kids ministry.  Their space was amazing, their kids pastor was fantastic, and their volunteers were outstanding.

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