This is one of my favorite Disney pictures.  I have it framed and it’s part of my office decor. Before Walt Disney World in Orlando came to be, it was a bunch of swampland.  Walt Disney had a vision of what could be, and he had a big job ahead of him to communicate that vision to his team. Walt had a vision of the future, and he held on to that vision until it came to be.Sometimes in Kids Ministry, I can see the vision of the future and where we are headed, but I need to communicate that vision to my team.  I can see the potential in volunteers, in the building & in the kids.  Here are some ways to paint the picture of your Kids Ministry, and the vision of the future:

1.  Stay Positive – There will be challenges along the way, but don’t let discouragement settle in to get you off track for what God has planned. Your attitude will make or break the situation.  Even when things are difficult, stay positive.

2.  Stay Focused – Many things could distract you or demand your time.  As the leader, you need to stay focused on what lies ahead.  Many good things will vie for your time and resources, but you need to focus on what is best for the kids ministry that you lead.

3.  Communicate – Do whatever it takes to help people see where you are going.  Draw pictures, create vision statements, tell success stories, share the dream, have meetings, and connect with key leaders one-on-one. Very rarely will you encounger the problem of over communicating.

4.  Be Passionate – Make sure you are fired up & excited about where you are going!  If you are not excited about it, how can you expect anyone else to be?

I love looking at this poster on my wall.  What reminders help you keep the vision of the future in front of your volunteers?

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