At the beginning of the season, volunteers are usually happy to be volunteering in their role.  But sometimes their passion fades, they lose interest and decide they no longer want to volunteer. As the leader, it’s your job to replenish vision when it leaks.How do you keep volunteers committed and passionate about what they are doing all year long?  The secret is in the vision.  You need to keep pouring into your volunteering all year long so their passion stays strong.

Here’s a little video I put together to illustrate this idea.

To replinish vision when it leaks, you need to encourage, appreciate and thank volunteers.  Point out things that you notice they are doing well.  Tell them what a difference they are making. Find out stories from parents of kids in their group and tell volunteers about the impact they are making in specific children’s lives.

Keeping volunteers connected with other volunteers also helps to replenish vision when it leaks.  Other leaders can care about, and walk along side people when they are feeling discouraged or are going through a hard time.

Taking people to a conference or another church helps to replenish vision.  Exposing volunteers to kids ministry at the next level helps them to see what is possible for the future.

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