Methods of Teaching

August 1, 2014

What do you picture in your head when you hear someone say that they teach Sunday School?

Do you think of a lady standing in front of a class?  Do you picture a group of children sitting in a circle listening to someone talk?

Methods of communication have changed over time & there are so many different options available today.  Consider the following information that was put together by William Glasser.  People remember:


What about the people who ‘teach’ in your children’s ministry?  What methods are they using?  If they are going to go to all the trouble to teach the lesson, one would think that they would want the kids to remember it.  Consider using different methods when teaching children.  Here are some ideas:

Video – DVD’s
Teacher narrates while kids act outReading
Listening to different people speak
Art Attack
Object Lesson
Small Group Discussion

What other methods of teaching do you include?

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