When I was at CPC2014 in Orlando I had the opportunity to meet Sergio Cariello.  He is the guy who illustrated The Action Bible. He has also done work for Marvel Comics and DC Comics. He has illustrated the Action Bible in a comic book style.  The pages of this Bible are glossy.  Because of the style and texture of this book, it makes for an excellent Bible for kids with Autism.What I love about this Bible, is that it is a Graphic Novel.  It is also full color & the pages are glossy paper.  My son who has autism has some sensory challenges and he doesn’t like to touch most paper.  However, because The Action Bible is made with glossy paper, the texture does not bother him.

action Bible

The Action Bible makes a great option for kids who have challenges reading.   It’s graphic novel style helps tell the stories of the Bible in a way that speaks to their learning style.  It’s also a great option for children who have sensory issues because of the glossy pages.

Bible for kids with autismEach child with Autism is different.  Some may have sensory issues that others do not.  If they have a sensativity to paper texture, then this might be a good option to try.  Kids who don’t like to read or are unable to read might also find this to be a good Bible to use.  They can learn a lot just from looking at the graphics.


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