On a recent visit to Woodstock City Church in Atlanta, I was able to get a behind the scenes tour of their room for kids with special needs.  The staff person in the room was super helpful and explained how their program works.  Here are some pics from my visit to their campus.

The room was clean and organized.  They had several areas for different activities.

Just like all of their other rooms, they displayed their keywords and vision statements for elementary kids.  They displayed crafts and pictures that kids in that room made.

The variety of textures and seating options helped to include all kids so they could learn in a way that worked for them.  Pictures and words displayed the morning routine to help kids know what to expect.

They provided areas for kids to socialize in a group or be in a space with less interaction.

What I loved most about this room was that they still focused on teaching the kids a Bible lesson.  They worked with each child to teach them in a way that worked for them.  They wanted kids to know how much God loves them, and that they were welcome in that space.  This space communicated that someone took time to create a space for kids to learn in a way that works best for them.  When kids with special needs come to Woodstock City Church they try to incorporate them in the elementary classes.  If a child would prefer to be in a room with fewer people, then families have the option to chose this room where they would be more comfortable.  They had another room in their student ministries area as well.  It was great to see that they included all kids even as they got older.

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