Someone once told me that if a millionaire wants to become a billionaire, then they need to spend time hanging out with billionaires. In order to learn about next level leadership, you need to spend time with people who are at a higher level than you.In order for a millionaire to become a billionaire, they must first learn everything they can from people who are already at the next level.  They learn what their goals and priorities are, they learn what their focus is, and how they make decisions.  They spend time with them, watching them, observing them, & seeing them in action.

If you want to become a better Kids Ministry Leader, then you need to spend time with people who are doing kids ministry at a higher level than you are.  What makes them a next level leader?

Here’s what to look for:

– they have a similar ministry to you, but have more responsibility

– they are from a church that is larger than yours (and their kids ministry is larger)

– they have more experience than you do

Once you find a next level leader, you need to connect with them, and spend time with them and learn from them.

Here are some suggestions:

– Go for coffee with a next level kids leader who is in your area.  Have a list of questions prepared that you can ask them about how they lead.

– Go visit a church on a Sunday morning to see their kids ministry in action.  Walk around with them & observe them as they connect with their volunteers.  Visit their office.  What do you notice?

– Take a team of volunteers with you to go visit a church that does a great job doing kids ministry

– If you don’t have a church in your area, is there one within a day’s drive that you can go visit?  (I have driven 8-10 hours just to go visit churches)

– Find a next level leader online & connect with them.

Are you striving to improve how you lead?  If you are, then you should be hanging out with next level leaders, and in time, you will become like them. This is how you can become a part of the next level leadership club.

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