Do you need to communicate with parents & make sure they get your message?  If texting and emails are the only method that you use, you should consider adding this to your list.  Put notes on labels.  It’s a great way to send home a reminder, or an important note that parents need to read.

Instead of sending home a paper with the info on it, which has a good chance of getting lost without being read, send the info on a label & put it on each child.  Parents will have to take the label off their child’s clothing before they wash it, and there is a good chance they will read it sometime before then. Putting notes on labels has been an effective way for us to communicate with parents.

Communicating with Parents

When we are looking for more volunteers, we will make labels that say, “We are looking for adult helpers in your child’s class.” If there is a special event coming up, we make notes on labels with the details of the upcoming event. If a child has had their diaper changed, we put a little note, “I’ve been changed” on a label and stick it on the child’s diaper to let the parent know the next time they change their diaper that they were changed at church.

Communicating with Volunteers

Sometimes we will use notes on labels to communicate with volunteers. If a child has an allergy, we will put a note on a label.  We call them allergy allert stickers. When there are many children in the room it can be difficult to remember specific details for each child. An allergy sticker is very helpful when kids have food allergies in a room where snack is provided.

Putting notes on lables is very effective!  The message sticks to the child and the people that need to read the message usually get it! The next time you need to get a message out to parents, put it on a label & stick it on the kids!

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