I am part of a team of Kids Ministry People from around the world brought together by Sue Miller.  I get to represent Canada on this team of amazing people!  At our last international meeting Pat Cimo gave us sheets of paper in 3 different colors. These 3 colors can help us make great decisions in kids ministry.

At our International retreat, Pat Cimo asked us to write down things about our Kids Ministry in the following categories to help us make great decisions:

Green – What do you need to keep doing?  These are things that are going well, and helping you accomplish your vision and values.

Yellow – What do you need to slow down on?  These are things that you need to evaluate & decide if they need improvement or to be cut.

Red – What do you need to stop doing?  These are things that are costing you time & resources and are not helping you accomplish your vision for Kids Ministry.

There are many things you could be doing in your kids ministry.  By writing down each thing you do in these three categories will help determine what are the best things that you should be doing. Sometimes it’s hard to do everything.  So many ideas are good ideas.  However, you do not have the time or resources to do all the good ideas.  Take time to evaluate your programming so that you are not just doing things that are good, but only doing things that are great.

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