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Volunteer Roles for People Who Don’t Like Kids

By July 1, 2014September 8th, 2018One Comment

Do you have people in your church who tell you that they don’t like to work with kids?  They can still be part of your kids ministry team! Here are some of the volunteer roles we have in Kids Ministry that do not require people to be with the kids:

Bin Prep – For each age group we have a volunteer who does all the photocopying, chopping, cutting & prep for the Small Group Leaders.  They come in when it is convenient for them and get everything ready for Sunday Mornings.

Reference Checks – We check references for every person who volunteers in our Kids Ministry.  We have a volunteer who does all the emails/phone calls for all the new volunteers.

Birthday Cards – We send a hand made birthday card to every child.  We happen to have a retired person who loves to make cards do them for us.  She makes the cards, writes a message in each one & puts the address & stamp on the envelope.

We Miss You Cards – We track attendance for our kids.  If they are away for 3 Sundays, we send them a card.

Check-In – Volunteers help families with Electronic Check In & Sign-In at each room.

Decor Team – These people help with sets & props and work behind the scenes.  We also have a volunteer who decorates our Kids Space with the change of each season.

Resource Room Organizer – Although I do not have a regular person in this role, it is on my wish list.  Someone to keep the resource room organized & inventoried.

Sometimes people in these volunteer roles don’t mind being with kids, but they prefer to do these roles.  They are just as valued on our team as those who spend time with the kids.  Each person depends on the other, and that’s how they work together.

One Comment

  • Jan Moyer says:

    Our 5YO got his birthday card yesterday and was THRILLED! What a nice touch. Coincidently, that morning he was carrying around the picture of his VBS group from last summer. True story.

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