Do you run a summer program for kids?  Do you stay in touch with those kids throughout the year? This year, be sure to take a group photo of the kids during the summer, and then at Christmas time, you can send each child a Christmas Card with the group photo inside.

Each year we have a summer program for kids called EPIC.  We take a photo of each group & save it for later. Then, in December, we mail the kids a Christmas card with a picture of their group.  We include dates of our Christmas events at our church, as well as the next summer camp’s dates.  It’s a great way to let them know we are thinking about them, and we would love to see them again. The first time that kids received their Christmas Card in the mail they were so excited!  They were reminded of the fun that they had during the summer and the relationships that they built with their leader and the other kids in their group.

You could also send Christmas Cards to kids that your church sponsors or are on the mission field.  Summer photos sent at Christmas time are a great reminder that while you were thinking of the missions kids in the summer, you are also thinking of them at Christmas.



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