Preschoolers love to make crafts, color & do sticker art.  However, sometimes when it is time for them to go home, the artwork often gets left on the classroom table and doesn’t make it home to be displayed on the family fridge. By creating a clothesline for crafts, we helped to improve this challenge.

At our church we have a “clothesline” outside of the room.  When kids finish their artwork or craft, one of the volunteers uses a clothes pin to hang the craft on the clothesline outside the room.  When parents come to pick up their child, they check the clothesline to find their child’s craft or artwork and it’s one less thing that the volunteers need to remember to do at pick up time.  We also hang the “parent page” on the same clothespin so parents grab that at the same time too.

Our ‘clothesline’ is made of lightweight rope and hung with 3M hooks that have a tab to remove them if necessary without damaging the walls. The clothespins are kept on the clothesline so that they are always in the right place when they are needed.


Since this post was first created, we have built new kids rooms.  Our clothesline for crafts now lives inside the room instead of outside the room.  Preschoolers love to hang their own crafts on the clothesline when they are finished creating them. When parents come to pick up their child, they show us their parent tag so they are allowed in the room. They find their child at their small group table, and then together they go to the clothesline for crafts to pick up their child’s artwork.  We are careful to write each child’s name on their craft so that parents can easily which craft their child made that day.


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