Children in Preschool – Grade 6 are placed in small groups for Sunday Mornings.  We use a color system to help kids remember what group they are in. Colored dots are a great way to do this.

When they arrive on Sunday morning, we give them a colored dot to put on their name tag.  That is the color of their small group.  Our sign-in sheet is also by color group.  We add their name to the section on our sheet that matches their color group.

sign in sheet for dots

In our Preschool and Kindergarten rooms the small group leader wears a button with the colour of their group so kids can easily identify who their leader is.  A colored paper with a happy face is on their table so they can find the color that matches their colored dot.

Then when it is time for kids to go to their small group, it is easily identifiable for both kids and volunteers.   Red dot kids go with the red small group leader and sit on the red blanket.  We even have kids sit together as a small group during large group time, on the blanket that matches their group’s color.

We ordered our dots from Brodart, but dots can also be found from inventory supply stores found online.


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