In North America, Customer Service is what determines if a business is excellent or not.  It determines if a customer would return to that business or not.  As families consider attending a church, the ‘customer service’ at that church could be the deciding factor if they return or not.  Be Our Guest is loaded with ideas that can be transferred to customer service in Kids Ministry.

Disney Institute wrote a book called Be Our Guest – perfecting the art of customer service. I have read it several times & have highlighted many sections.  It covers topics such as ‘knowing and understanding your guests’ and ‘creating a first impression’.  There is so much to glean from this book, but to give you a taste of the treasures found inside.

Walt Disney World Guidelines for Guest Service

1.  Make Eye Contact & Smile – Start and end every contact or communication with direct eye contact & a sincere smile.

2.  Greet & Welcome Each and Every Guest – Extent the appropriate greeting to every Guest with whom you come in contact.

3.  Seek Out Guest Contact – Listen to Guest’s needs, Answer questions, Offer assistance

4. Provide Immediate Service Recovery – To the best of your ability, immediately resolve a Guest service failure before it becomes a Guest service problem.

5. Display Appropriate Body Language at All Times – Attentive appearance, Good posture, Appropriate facial expression

6. Preserve the Magical Guest Experience – Always focus on the positive.

7. Thank Each and Every Guest – Extend a sincere thank-you at the end of every transaction.

How do you think these principles are transferable in Children’s Ministry?

Want to learn more from Disney?  Many of their ideas and principles are transferrable to kids ministry.

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