How many times have you heard that a Flannel board is outdated & OLD! On a recent trip to The Museum in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, I saw this Flannel Board and it was modern & fun!  I thought it would make a great Activity Center in a Kids Room.

Flannel boards were commonly used in Sunday School classes for teachers to show visuals of the story.  Curriculum lessons used to come with pieces of paper with loop fastener attached to the back so you could place the pieces on a flannel board and they would stay in place without tape or adhesive.

You could have pieces from Bible Stories available for kids to create scenes & tell Bible Stories to each other.  You could rotate the pieces from time to time so kids could have a variety of stories to play with.  What a great way for kids to see, hear, touch & participate in the story learning experience!  Betty Lukens sells all kinds of felt board sets and so does the Beginners Bible as seen here on Amazon.

Betty Lukens flannel

beginners bible flannel

EBay would be another great place to find this kind of thing.  Remember today’s kids have probably never seen flannel graph in action.  Used with the right age group, such as preschoolers, this could be a great teaching tool or activity center.

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