I am always on the lookout for Activity Centers or Creative Methods to use to communicate the message of Jesus.  When I was on a trip the The Museum in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, I saw this Magnetic Wall.  The magnetic pieces included images that were printed on Magnetic sheets (found in craft stores) as well as commercially purchased magnetic shapes & pieces.  An oversize magnetic center like this would make a great activity center in a Kids Room in a church!

You could print Bible verses or Bible Story images & mount them on magnetic paper.  Kids could use shapes to build the house on the sand or on the rock.  Here is another magnetic wall that is being used as an activity center.magnetic wall

When looking for activity centers, we try to find things that are unique or most kids would not already have in their home.  If we can building it so that several kids can play together in a group, then that is more beneficial. If we can take regular activities and create them in life size or giant size, it brings a whole new dimension of fun.

Another giant game that can be ordered online is the Giant connect 4 game.  It can be purchased in Canada or the US.  Here is a link to the game from Best Buy in Canada. Here is a link from Amazon.

giant connect 4 game

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