Have you been to Disney World in the last few years?  If you are celebrating a special occasion you can get a button that displays what you are celebrating for FREE!  Then as you walk around the parks and hotel all the staff congratulate you on your special occasion.  I’m sure any child in your church would love it if all the volunteers said, “Happy Birthday” to them on their birthday, or “welcome” on their first Sunday.  A button maker allows you to make buttons for any occasion or event.  You could even promote upcoming events by making buttons for volunteers or kids to wear.  Put your logo on them and give them out as prizes.  If kids can say their Bible verse, then they can get a special Bible Verse Button.  Here are some ways you could use buttons:

  • DIY craft – kids can design their own buttons
  • Birthday buttons
  • Bible verse buttons
  • First time buttons
  • “Here to serve” buttons
  • Your ministry logo buttons

I found this button maker online.  You can buy them new or used and are available from many different companies.

button maker

Buttons come in a variety of sizes & you can order the button sets in different quantities.  You can also order circle cutters so you can cut out paper in a perfect size circle for the button maker.  They are not difficult to assemble and you can find easy to follow YouTube videos with instructions.

Disney Celebration buttons (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) are three inch buttons.

Disney Vacation Club buttons are two and a half inch buttons.

Our Creekside Kids Buttons are two and a quarter inch buttons.

Buttons are a low cost way to help kids feel special.  It signals volunteers that something is special about this child and can spark a memorable conversation.

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