Babies need to be well cared for if you are going to have an AWESOME nursery.  You need to find out information that is important to know while the baby is in your care.  Can they sit unsupported?  Do they have a bottle or sippy cup?  It’s important to get this information from parents before they leave their child in your care.  A nursery checklist can be an easy way to collect the information you need from parents.

We use a nursery check list at our church.  This allows parents to communicate with us about their child, but in a fast, efficient way.  You can download the editable checklist from Google Docs.  Change the bullets to check boxes and you are good to go.

Try having a few clipboards near the door of your nursery.  When parents arrive simply give them the clipboard with the checklist on it so they can quickly add the info.  Be sure to have pens available with the clipboards.

Then have the checklists displayed on a bulletin board or magnet board in your nursery.  Volunteers can easily see the specific instructions and details for each baby.

Click here to see photos of the preschool area at Woodstock City Church.

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