When I was at Northpoint Church in Atlanta, I saw this birthday cart in their children’s area.  Celebrating birthdays is a big deal at Northpoint.  Each of their campuses had a birthday cart or table.  When kids have a birthday, they come to the cart and get to pick a prize!  What a great way to celebrate each child’s birthday!

When it comes to celebrating birthdays at Northpoint, I saw a few different options.  This birthday cart was located in the elementary area and when kids had a birthday, they could visit the birthday cart and choose a prize.  The volunteer at the birthday cart made a big deal of their birthday so the child felt extra special on their birthday.

This birthday table was located in the preschool area.  Kids could choose age appropriate prizes at this table.

Celebrating Birthdays

This birthday cart was located at Woodstock City church.  What made this experience amazing was the volunteer who celebrated each child’s birthday.  He went all out to make sure they felt extra special on their day.

Birthday Volunteer

Celebrating birthdays is an easy way that you can make each child feel special.  It will be something they look forward to when they go to church on their birthday. Simple prizes and an enthusiastic volunteer really add to the experience.  If kids can wear a button or sticker that announces to the world that it’s their birthday, you will see them smile each time someone wishes them happy birthday.

For more details on what Northpoint Church does for birthdays at their Woodstock City campus, visit this blog post.

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