One of the first church tours I ever went to was at Granger Community Church in Granger, IN.  Their creativity and innovation was like nothing I had ever seen before. (well, other than Disney) Every kids room was designed in a different theme. Some of the rooms were themed by a professional company, and some they created the theme work themselves.

They had slides that took you from the kids check in area, right into the class room.  When kids landed in the room, they could look at the monitor and wave good-bye to their parents.  The parents could wave back using cameras and monitors at both ends of the slides.

Their rooms were themed to fit the appropriate age group. The attention to detail was so evident as we toured each room.  They put interactive things in the floors.  The TV’s blended into the theme.  The slide was created to work with the theme in each room. The tables were custom made to fit with the theme of each room. Everywhere we looked there was something exciting and interactive for kids.

The hallways were wide and allowed enough room for people flow. The signs helped direct people to the appropriate areas. Check in stations were located in the kids area so families could check in together.

What I love about the kids area at Granger Community Church is, it communicates to kids… “we think you are pretty important and we hope you have fun here”.  If kids want to come to church they will beg their parents to bring them.  That means more opportunities to tell them about Jesus and build relationships with them.

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