Woodstock City Church is a campus of Northpoint Church in Atlanta.  Recently I toured their Elementary Kids area. It was so amazing.  Take a look at the gallery above to see some photos from the tour.

Their space was themed in the hallway areas, but the rooms were solid colours with the main statements displayed on the walls.  This helped keep the focus in the right place once the kids were in the rooms. Their large group rooms were equiped with media screens & a sound system, but their small group rooms had minimal distractions.

I noticed that several sets of noise cancelling earmuffs were available in their large group rooms so that kids could wear them if the volumn of sound was overwhelming.  This was a great way to be sensative to kids who might not appreciate loud noises.

These are the carts that they use for small groups in their elementary kids area.  They have everything that the small group leader needs for small group time.  You can read more about what they have in there carts here.Small Group Bin Carts


offering box

This is a donation box in the elementary kids area.  Kids can put their money in this container when the arrive for the service.  It matched their decor and helped to teach the kids about giving.

Birthday VolunteerNo one celebrates birthdays like this kids ministry does!  They go all out when it comes to birthdays.  To find out more about what they do, you can read about it here.

Woodstock City Kids is very similar to Northpoint church.  Their kids areas, Wuamba Land & Upstreet Kids had the same name and were decorated similarly.  If a family were to go to either campus, they would feel like they were at the same church.  They used the same curriculum, and their systems and processes were the same.  However, people got connected and built relationships with other people at their own campus.  Kids connected with kids and they did not have the desire to switch between campuses.

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