When I was on my tour of Crossroads Kids Club, I loved how they had all the emergency info right by the door.  Here’s what was in that area:

They had an emergency info book with policies hanging there that included info for safety, calling 911, Incident Report Forms, Tornado Procedures and Fire Procedures.

Their check in system was displayed on a monitor so they had real time info on who was in their class.

A Quick Reference Emergency List

Allergy Stickers (red) were available to label kids as needed.

Manual Check In Kit & everything needed if the electronic one was not available.

Hand Sanitizer

A box of tissues

Markers & pens

A phone

Update: The amazing kids people at Crossroads sent me a PDF of these signs.  You can download a PDF of these signs here.  I do not have have an editable version, but the PDF will help you design your own.



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