Food Allergies are common in children.  Kids Ministry should be a place where kids are safe & details such as food allergies are important.  When I was at Crossroads Church they told me about their system when it comes to Food Allergies.

Parents are responsible to put an Allergy Sticker on their child each week.  Stickers are available at every check-in station.  Parents simply write the allergy on the sticker, and put it on their child.  They use round stickers that have red printing on them, so that it stands out from their name allergies

Snack options are limited to 2 choices.  Goldfish crackers & Graham Crackers.  That’s it.  Nothing else.

Stickers are placed on the snack containers that clearly label the name of the snack as well as common allergy ingredients that are found in that snack (e.g. milk, wheat)food allergies

food allergies

A list of ingredients is taped on the inside of the cupboard door for volunteers to easily reference.  The font size is much larger than what you would read on a packaging label.  Easy to read!food allergies

A list of ingredients is laminated & kept in the snack cupboard to give to parents to read if they ask about an ingredient allergies

Crossroads has taken the time to create a system that works when it comes to food allergies.  The information is readily available for volunteers, and parents have the opportunity to clearly communicate the needs of their child with a sticker which serves as a visual reminder to the volunteers in that room.

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