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Church Tours – Northpoint in Atlanta

May 13, 2014

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When I went to Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta, I was excited to see their Kids Area.  Each area was appropriately themed for the kids in that age group.  These pictures are from their preschool area.  Preschoolers sat on wide risers with their small groups to listen to the Bible Story.  The hallways were brightly painted and doors had gates on them to keep kids in while the doors were open.  They had signs to communicate information to parents.  The volunteers were friendly and very helpful.  Room capacity and volunteer to child ratios were displayed.  I got the impression that if you left your child there, they would be safe and well cared for.

As I walked through their kids area, they communicated a message without speaking to a single person.



Attention to detail.



Planned in advance.


Volunteers well trained.

Kids are valued.

What message are you communicating to families when they walk through your kids area?

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