Saddleback Kids Area
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Saddleback Church Kids Area – Church Tour

I am enjoying being in sunny, warm California in the middle of February.  I am attending the Children’s Pastor’s Conference in Ontario, California.  While I am here, I am taking the opportunity to visit churches in the area, and learn from their staff &…

February 18, 2015
Christmas Backdrop
That's a cool idea!

Using a backdrop for storytelling

When telling a story to children, you can really make the story come alive if you use a backdrop or a set design.  A visual reminder of where the story takes place helps children get a better picture of the story.…

December 9, 2014
Church Tours

New kids area at my church – part 1

I have been on a journey since I started working at my church 2.5 years ago.  We have be in a building project and part of that project has included a new kids area.  It’s been exciting to dream, research & design a new…

November 24, 2014
Nursery Checklist
That's a cool idea!

Parent checklist for the nursery

Babies need to be well cared for if you are going to have an AWESOME nursery.  You need to find out information that is important to know while the baby is in your care.  Can they sit unsupported?  Do they have a bottle or…

October 23, 2014
new kids worship music
Kids Worship Videos

New Kids Worship Music

Are you looking for new kids worship music?  Here is a list of names / groups that you can search in YouTube.  These videos would be applicable for different situations.  Some are great to use for teaching Bible verses, some are good for pre-service…

September 10, 2014
kids leaving church
Family Ministry Leadership

How to keep kids from leaving church

I went out for lunch with my family after church on Sunday to celebrate the last few days of freedom before school started.  While we were eating, I couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation happening at the table next to us.  The…

September 3, 2014
how to set goals
Leadership Strategic Planning

Setting Goals

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.  This is also true in Kids Ministry. Every year I take time with my team to evaluate and celebrate things that happened the previous year and think about what we need to focus…

August 27, 2014
Books Leadership

Top 10 books on my need to read list

Good Kids Ministry leaders always read.  They keep a list of books that they need to read to help them grow in leadership skills, or in specific areas of kids ministry.  I find that my schedule is usually fairly packed, so to try to…

August 21, 2014
top 10 leadership books
Books Leadership

My top 10 leadership books

Leadership is one of the most important areas that a Kids Ministry Leader can focus on.  Good teams rise and fall on leadership. I think leaders should always be learning when it comes to leadership and I have put together a list of my…

August 20, 2014
door sign
Church Tours Family Ministry

Door signs for Kids Ministry Lessons

Crossroads church in Cincinnati, does a great job of communicating to parents what the lesson was about in the kids program.  At the door of each room they have door signs that they change each week.  They list 2 questions that parents can ask…

August 18, 2014
Church Tours Safety & Procedures That's a cool idea!

DIY Safety Manual

Does your church have a clear plan for emergencies?  Crossroads Church does.  In fact, it’s so clear, that they have a Safety Manual displayed in each Kids Room.  Each Manual is custom made with instructions for that specific room.  The staff was kind enough…

August 13, 2014